Friday Feeling Club WeSUP Taster


Experience the totally unique post-work therapy of Stand Up Paddleboarding with a bunch of super friendly, totally chilled and VERY happy humans!

Every Friday, you can book on to this session at 6.00pm until 7.00pm and be a part of something that is refreshingly different. Join our community of lifestyle enthusiasts, de-stress and relax after your hectic working week and enjoy an active lifestyle that will keep your body fit and mind healthy.¬†Break the cycle of your standard routine of going to work, go home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed… Club WeSUP is an amazing way to off load the stress of your day and share an experience with your friend or partner that allows you to paddle, exercise, chat and wind-down all at the same time!

Use this opportunity to experience Club WeSUP – If you like it and decide to join on the night, we’ll give you your money back for this experience.


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Friday Feeling Club WeSUP Taster

Every Friday, we are opening our doors to potential new members of Club WeSUP to properly embrace the Friday Feeling! The idea is that you will meet and paddle with our amazing existing Club members, have a great laugh on and off the water, learn some new skills, de-stress and relax after your busy week at work and just enjoy the true sentiment of the Friday Feeling!

Club WeSUP Hamble River is new and already very exciting. Our membership is growing rapidly as people discover the unique lifestyle opportunity we have created down at Universal Marina. We are a bunch newly formed close friends who enjoy great chats, delicious BBQ’s, cold beers, great banter and of course epic paddling! There really is SO much more but you’ve got to experience Club WeSUP to full get it! So this is your chance…

Join us this Friday for an insight into the wonderful world of Club WeSUP.

We cant wait to meet you!!



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