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Hamble River – Southampton

Club WeSUP Hamble River is an ‘All Inclusive SUP Club.’ It is our solution for our desire to paddle, explore, adventure and form life-long relationships with fellow lifestyle enthusiasts. It’s a special, all inclusive and all including community for locals. You pay just once and then your entire season of SUP is included. Check out the amazing Club Activities on offer here

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Club WeSUP is here to facilitate whatever you see as your ideal Stand Up Paddleboarding experience. There is absolutely no age or fitness discrimination and zero experience is required to join – whoever you are, whatever you do, as long as you want to be a part of our special community culture and you love the place you live, you can start the most adventurous season of SUP you can imagine! We’d love to welcome you into our little family. Join Club WeSUP today!

We have a whole variety of memberships, so you can find the perfect plan to fit you. They start as low as £150, so whether you want to simply take a board out by yourself to chill and just gently paddle around the river, or develop into the ultimate SUP athlete and take part in our WeSUP fitness classes, we’ve got something for you!

As well as granting you board and paddle rental, Club WeSUP is built on the foundations of 5 activity modules, and each membership grants you different access to these. For more information about the modules, please keep reading. If you’d like to know what is included in the different membership plans, please follow this link.

Got your own board but looking to meet some people to paddle with? This year we’ve launched our Pay as you Play membership especially for people with their own SUP kit. For more information read this blog.

Skills and Training

As a member of Club WeSUP we want you to be able to take your training as far as you’d like. All memberships apart from Basic Off-Peak and Basic Anytime include a minimum of 4 training classes, starting right from the very basics. You’ll be instructed by our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced coaches, and get to learn amongst a group of like-minded people.

Our Ability Rating Card system is our way of helping you keep track of your training. Every class or clinic you attend, the more stamps you’ll build up, and the more challenging adventures and expeditions you’ll be able to join in on!

Our Gold Membership includes absolutely all the training you could want, but if you have a Basic or Silver Membership you can join in on advanced training clinics for a 50% discount.

Club Fitness and Wellbeing

WeSUP Fitness is our kind of exercise. Join us and take your routine out of the gym and onto the river! As well as Stand Up Paddleboarding generally being excellent for your health, we run several dedicated WeSUP Fitness classes throughout the week, including WeSUP Intervals, WeSUP Stretch & Strengthen and WeSUP and Run. If you’d like to know more about how WeSUP can change your whole perspective on fitness, health and wellbeing, check out our blog.

Fitness is included in all Silver and Gold memberships, Basic members can join in for £5 a go.

Tours, Adventures and Expeditions

We love exploring the Hamble River but we also know Stand Up Paddleboarding is the best way to explore any stretch of water. SUPing allows you to cover great distances while feeling like you are walking on the water. As a Club WeSUP member on Hamble River, you can use our boards to explore the entire stretch of the river and more of the hidden treasures dispersed across the region.

Once you’ve started to work your way through your training and start to improve your skills using our Ability Rating Card, you’ll be granted access to our most dynamic adventures and expeditions. Whether that’s a Paddle & Picnic over lunch or an overnight camping trip to a great secluded wilderness spot on the river, your adventures with Club WeSUP will allow you to create memories that will last for all time!

Tours, adventures and expeditions are included in all Silver and Gold memberships once you’ve done the training.

Social Paddling

To us, the most important thing about Club WeSUP is the people we get to share our experiences with. We love learning new skills through SUP training, testing ourselves with WeSUP Fitness and going on thrilling adventures, however, sometimes there’s nothing more simple and enjoyable than casually cruising around the river with a group of great new and old friends and that’s why Social Paddling forms the core of our Club WeSUP activities. We’ll paddle to the pub for a pint, we’ll go for a leisure cruise after work to wind down after a busy day in the office. We’ll paddle under the nights sky or just chill out on our boards in a quite part of the river topping up our tans, and this is to mention just a few opportunities!

Social paddling activities are included in all Silver and Gold memberships, Basic members can join in for £5 a go.

Club Socials

As we mentioned above, we love the people in Club WeSUP, it would be nothing without the incredible individuals who contribute to our happiness every day. Our shared love of Hamble River, the water, the environment and making the most of every opportunity, bonds us into a family who are more than just paddling company. An important part of Club WeSUP is what we do when we’re not paddling… and here’s just a taste: BBQs, movie nights, club house parties, pizza nights, beach cleans, windy wilderness walks, hot chocolate dates and anything else you can imagine where we can have fun with friends off the water.

All members are welcome to our social events!


Why wouldn’t you be? Club WeSUP is the main driving force for WeSUP as a business and we absolutely love it! In fact, all of our staff members used to be clubbies themselves, and fight for spots on activities just as enthusiastically as everyone else. We run the club for you and are always open to suggestions on how to make the Club WeSUP work better for our members. We only have 150 memberships available for each season and they sell out fast! Don’t spend the summer wondering what you’re missing out on, sign up today!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Email us at hellohamble@wesup.co.uk, give us a call on 07711152555, or use the contact form below.

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