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The home of stand up paddle boarding

Welcome to Wesup Hamble river! We offer paddle board lessons for beginners and advanced paddlers within the beauty of a world heritage nature reserve. Our amazing instructors are super friendly and incredibly experienced ensuring your time with us is super fun and successful!

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Check out our range of SUP activities below, if your looking for exciting things to do on the Hamble river, Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a perfect activity for the whole family. We offer group lessons, private lesson and quality equipment hire. 

private lesson
Personalised tuition

This is perfect for anyone wanting a personalised one on one session with an instructor.

club wesup hamble river
most popular

Enjoy this 90 minute lesson with others as an introduction to stand up paddle boarding with guaranteed stand up success.

club wesup hamble river
for confident learners

30 minutes with an instructor who will help guide you through safety and basic skill followed by 30 minutes play time.

paddle board hamble river
1 hour of fun

1 hour of fun!! Get introduced to SUP through a personal, informative hire brief and heading onto the water for an hour of SUP fun!



Want to create your on adventure? got a secret location? or just want the freedom to go where you like? Then this hire option is perfect for you.

enjoy freedom

Open your mind, the adventure is waiting.

Wesup is the home of paddle boarding! Our instructors are amongst the most friendly and experienced in the business. Our lessons are perfect for beginners & advanced paddlers and our all day board hire is perfect for those wanting to create there own adventure.

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disconnect to reconnect.

Explore the Hamble river and unveil a whole new


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Im sure you have a few questions right? Here are the top most asked if your question doesn’t feature please get in touch.

If it’s a beautiful sunny day and you are paddling on the flat calm river or in the sheltered marina, sports shorts or yoga leggings with a lightweight top will do just fine. Plus you’ll have the extra layer of your buoyancy aid to keep you warm.  

If it is your first time or the weather isn’t that great and you are concerned about being cold should you fall in (particularly if you are paddling on the ocean), we recommend that you wear a good quality, wetsuit. We offer wetsuit rental of all sizes and ages from 10 year olds up to XXL size adults.

We absolutely Love first time paddlers, Wesup is the gateway for people to start and progress through to any level of ability they want to reach.

We will give you all the instruction and safety advice you’ll need to become a confident paddler and move through your paddle boarding development, whether its a one off experience or the start of a new found passion.

All great things have to start somewhere right?

Honestly, unless you have serious mobility issues, paddle boarding knows no age barriers! Our normal customers fall between the ages of between 25 and 65 but the oldest human we’ve taught was 86 and he was a total legend! Paddle boarding has so few risks of injury and requires such little physical effort when the weather is good, that basically if you can still walk, are comfortable in the water and have the upper body strength to move from a lying down position to a standing position, you can definitely paddle! We’d absolutely love to support you with your paddling experience at Wesup.

Our paddle boarding club is designed for the loveliest humans who want to be a part of something really special. We protect the clubs’ energy by insisting that it is full of people who are positive, passionate and connected by our love of nature, other people and paddle boarding! If that’s you, then you’re in! You don’t need any paddling experience, we’ll give you all of that and you don’t need your own equipment, we can give you that too! Sign up today, it’ll be the best move you make all year!

Possibly, however all our instructors will offer all the tuition you need to give you the best chance of getting up onto and staying on your feet. There are some factors giving you grater odds of falling in such as the weather. But don’t fear falling in can be great fun and a refreshing dip after working up a sweat paddling. 


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