Adventure & Wellness River Tour

We have developed an exciting and dynamic experience for your teams micro-adventure on the Hamble River, but in order to ensure your Adventure & Wellness River Tour is everything you hoped for, we are offering you the opportunity to directly tackle the purpose of your team’s experience with us by inviting you to let us know exactly how we can help your team.

Meet The Needs Of Your Team

  • Is this a chance to better bond the departments?
  • Is this the opportunity to push the team to discover new strengths in character?
  • Or is this just a little time to untether from the rigours of a hard month’s work where big targets were hit and rewards are deserved?

We know that there are countless reasons for choosing a WeSUP Adventure & Wellness Tour and the bespoke nature of your booking with us will ensure we activate the exact team energy that you hope to attain.

A Little Inspiration

We start the session by getting changed into our paddling gear. Some of you will opt into our perfectly fitting, great looking & high quality wetsuits. We then guide the group through an inspiring and engaging SUP lesson to upskill everyone to the same skill-set. From then on, the adventure is of your design with a little inspiration from us;

  1. We can enjoy a relaxed and gentle scenic paddle North upstream to a stunning & secluded picnic spot to just chill with a packed lunch.
  2. We could enjoy a short paddle upstream to undertake a hilarious SUP skill session to put the teams technical skills and newly acquired ‘SUP tricks’ to the test! A real character defining experience!
  3. We could also undertake a riverside pub crawl to experience the great food and beer on offer across the Hambles favourite historic venues.
  4. Or maybe your team requires a full days adventure to explore the full majesty of the Hamble River. They will discover secret creeks and gently navigate the meandering twists and turns and embrace the opportunity to release tension. They will relish in the wonder of endless wildlife and embrace the tranquility of nature at its finest.

Each of these activities could be rounded off with a anything from a low key prosecco party at our new club house, or a BBQ in our private woodland which is located within a stunning Local Nature Reserve. We have warm showers and private changing areas with plenty of mirrors for applying makeup! Anything is possible and we are here to support your team’s perfect wellness experience.

Email us with your enquiry today and one of our team will get right back in touch! Or just give us a call. We can’t wait to help activate your team!  – 01489  797077

If all this sounds rather exiting were also offering corporate memberships to local businesses. Click here to learn more.

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